Say It Ain't So!

I'm in the process of writing another numbers post (it's open in another tab, in fact) but I had to interrupt myself to say: Damn. Just damn.

I weighed in on the Donovan McNabb situation a couple of posts back and said that wherever he may be traded, I wish him well. It looks like I'll be challenged on that with the intradivisional trade to the Redskins.

As division teams go, I probably hate the Skins the least. One reason is that they haven't been a threat as of late, but I've also got strong family ties to the DMV, with my mom being from DC and a good deal of that side of the family still living in the urrea. So this is less devastating than if he had gone to, say, the Cowboys, but a whole lot worse than going out of division, or better, out of conference. This also guarantees he'll be headed back to the Linc this coming season. That'll be interesting; we've seen TO's reception, and we've seen B.Dawk's reception. My guess is something in between, and it may depend on how well both the Eagles and the Redskins are doing at that point in the season.

So good luck with your new team, Donovan. I hope you do well--just not better than the Birds.