Never can it be said that chess is a sport. Then again, never can it be said that I don't go hard for my alma maters. So in this post, I'll be talking chess.

You may be surprised if I tell you that this weekend, I was scrimping and scraping for chess coverage. I even went so far as to follow a chess feed on Twitter to get the latest updates. You see, this was the weekend of the President's Cup, also known as the Final Four of College Chess, and UMBC, one of the winningest programs in college chess, was taking on a Texas-stacked field in Mexico Brownsville, TX at UT Brownsville/Texas Southmost College. In addition to the hosts, Texas Tech and old chess rival and powerhouse program UT Dallas were also in attendance. And the Dawgs ran through the field and emerged the undisputed champion, much as they did back in December in the World Series of college chess. UMBC now owns six of the last seven President's Cups.

You might be laughing at me right now. I don't give a damn. Chess is a big deal at UMBC. As an undergrad, in pep band, I played pep rallies for the chess team when they came home with championships. So yeah, damn right we nerd hard in Catonsville.

In other UMBC news, the lax Dawgs got on the board in conference with a victory up in Vestal at Binghamton. This was after an OOC loss during the week vs. Baltimore's wrong black and gold at Johnny U. Stadium. Conference action continues this weekend when the Great Danes of Albany come to town.

This weekend, The Giants/Jets new stadium was broken in by lacrosse's Big City Classic and, fittingly, the First State got the first game, as Delaware took on Hofstra. A couple of high-profile games would follow, including a 1/2 matchup where UVA defeated Carolina, and a 3/4 matchup where Syracuse took out Princeton.

In other NFC East stadium news, Texas Stadium was imploded this weekend. Let's have a moment of... rejoicing.