Bonus Coverage

Right now, at 6:53pm, seven minutes before the tip of the NIT final featuring Carolina and Dayton, I am going to do my best to predict what we'll hear from Roy Williams, should the Heels win the NIT championship. First of all, he will be asked a question about if it is a disappointment winning the NIT after winning a national championship. The response:

"Well, we knew it was going to be a tough year. We lost some great guys this last year. We knew we had a young team, and when you have a young team, you struggle a little. There came a point in the season where we knew the ACC Tournament was going to be our only chance to get into NCAAs. Once we lost in that, you know, you kind of know your fate from there. But the goal has always been to win every game in front of us, and that's what we were able to do here. We're proud of this team, and we know we've got a lot to build on to get ready for next year."