5 for Fighting

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know I'm an Eagles fan and you may be surprised that I haven't weighed in on the Donovan McNabb situation in Philly yet. It's honestly because I don't have much to say about the situation that I couldn't say on my Twitter feed (by the way, add me: @80mins): DAMMIT PHILLY, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! KEEP HIM!!

To say a little more about that, I hold this belief for two reasons: One is that, admittedly, I'm loyal to a fault. I'm an Eagles fan first, and I'm a Donovan fan because he's our QB, but because of all he's given us, I'd love to see them do right by him as well. I want to see Donovan McNabb retire as an Eagle.

I really only have one desire for the team each year: Win the Super Bowl (ok, two, Beat the Cowboys being the second). It hasn't yet been done. But while McNabb hasn't done it, I currently have no reason to believe that right now, Kevin Kolb or Michael Vick give us a demonstrably better chance at that than McNabb does. Don't get me wrong--I live in North Carolina. I saw how pleased Panthers fans were to see Jake Delhomme go, despite all he has given to the franchise and its fans. If it were truly time for McNabb to go--i.e., he was garbage--I'd wish him well and welcome the trade. But I think he's still got plenty left in him. Regardless, while I'm an Eagles fan first, I'll cheer for #5 wherever he may land.