Don't let the door hit you...

So the latest rumor on the block is that Rutgers is looking good for the Big Ten. I realize that the modus operandi for the predictions on Big Ten expansion is to throw every turd possible at the wall and see what sticks, so I'm not putting too much stock in this, but it is understandable that the NY media market is desirable. Add that to the fact that Rutgers isn't likely to turn down a change for anything soft like "loyalty", and who knows, it could happen. While I don't want to see the Big East get jacked again, I think that of all the potential considerations, I'd miss Rutgers the least.

It's not simply because I can't stand the Scarlet Knights. It's mostly because I think any of the other teams that could potentially be courted would hurt a lot more. Syracuse, the other consideration for the New York market, while not a huge loss in football, would be quite detrimental for basketball and lacrosse. West Virginia, of course has often been the banner-carrier for football. And Pitt? They've at least got some history and tradition on their side, as well as the rivalry with WVU.

What would we lose with Rutgers? One thing in particular comes to mind. The chance to beat them every year. It is, of course, recent records that leave me bitter, but I want to beat them so bad that every Scarlet Knights who ever suited up since the very first football game--which they will remind you ad nauseam they played in--feels it. But beyond that, other than the depleted number, I can't say I'd be particularly sad to see them go.

In fact, there is even a benefit I could see to losing them. Rutgers to the Big Ten means that Ohio State, Penn State, and Rutgers would all be Big Ten members who play lacrosse. If you ask the folks at the ACC, you really only need four teams to be a conference. Perhaps two-time MCLA champion Michigan would see fit to put a ring on it and go varsity, especially if the increased revenue that's the reason the Big Ten is expanding in the first place may make it possible to add both that and an additional women's sport to remain Title IX compliant.

So like everyone else, I don't know what the future holds. But if they come calling for Rutgers, don't expect me to protest too much.


Big Blue Homer said…
The only question I have... would they still be the Big Ten? They're not the Big 11 now. And they can't be the Big 12.
Curtis said…
Good question... 11 schools didn't stop them from being the Big Ten, so who knows if 12 will. Something like the Great Lakes or Great Midwestern could work, but there are/were already conferences in other divisions with that name.