Talking Lacrosse on the College Football Podcast

As I’ve mentioned previously, one of my favorite podcasts is the ESPNU College Football Podcast. An unfortunate harbinger of the end of the football season is when the podcast switches from three times a week to once every two weeks. Still, it is a pleasure, even in the offseason, to hear updates from Ivan Maisel and Beano Cook on a weekly basis.

If you have any experience with the podcast, you’re well aware that Beano Cook is no fan of baseball. Since I know what my preferred spring sport is, I wrote in to pose the following question to Beano: Beano, your disdain for baseball once football ends is well noted. Do you ever take a look at college lacrosse? I asked this, of course, because lacrosse has a whole lot more in common with football than baseball does.

I was pleased that when they next took to the air this past week on the 2/9 episode, they did address my question. While Beano is not a lacrosse fan, I was thrilled, though by no means surprised, with the degree to which they were able to talk about the sport. They mentioned this past year’s crowd in Foxborough for the Final Four, and how it is often a top draw in college athletics. Ivan even mentioned his wife’s reaction to the championship game—she is a Syracuse native and a Cornell alumna.