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Strange things are happening with the USF basketball team; namely: winning. USF is currently .500 in conference at 5-5, after a four game winning streak, including recent wins vs. #17 Pitt and @ # 7 Georgetown. There's a lot of excitement in Bull Nation, particularly from the denizens of The BullsPen and I'll be honest, it's pretty cool, given that usually any and all excitement at this time of the year would be reserved for National Signing Day. People are even whispering (nay, shouting) thoughts about a postseason for USF! Crazy, right?

Well, I brought an honest question over to the management at Big Blue Homer. Sure, it's a Kentucky Wildcats blog, but quiet as it's kept, the proprietor over there is a USF alum and a good friend of mine. My question: Might we see a postseason for USF? His thoughts and mine are in sync: If there is a postseason in store for the Bulls, it will come in the form of the NIT. While many schools, including his own Cats, would scoff at this opportunity, we in Bull Nation would jump for joy, as we've been the Big East's whipping boy since we joined in 2005 and any modicum of success is a significant step up. Any sign of being on the way up is cause to start speaking of contract extensions for Coach Heath and lifting Dominique  Jones' #20 into the rafters of the Sun Dome.

Should we end up in the NIT, I have a not-so-secret desire that Carolina, who is having a worse-than-usual year and is currently sitting at 10th in the ACC, lands there too and our first game is at Carolina. Right now, it's a perfectly reasonable possibility. In the off-chance that USF should make the Tourney, Jacksonville is the only reasonable travel for me. So while I want the best for my Bulls, I wouldn't be mad if this year's building led to the NIT and next year, where there are first and second rounds played in Charlotte, we landed within an easy trip of Greensboro.


Big Blue Homer said…
ESPN bracketologist, Joe Lunardi, now has USF as one of the first four teams being left out of the NCAA tournament. Besides being in the running for an NCAA berth, I would think that would mean that USF is firmly in the discussion for a #1 seed in the NIT. According to, the Bulls have only made 2 NCAA appearances and the last NIT appearance was a first round loss in 2002. I would call ANY postseason appearance a HUGE success for Stan Heath and USF! Go Bulls!