Dignified Dawg?

I never followed up on the story of the potential change to UMBC's mascot--in fact, I didn't know what had become of it until I went looking a bit earlier tonight. Despite my pleas to the contrary, UMBC seems poised to adopt the image to the left as the new athletic logo. While one source hinted back in December that it was pending adoption by the President's Council, the UMBC site leads me to believe that it is now a done deal. Say hello to your new dawg.

For the reasons that I mentioned in my original post on the matter, I think this is unfortunate. That said, this was my favorite of the choices set before us, so if it's got to change, I guess I'm glad it's this one. It looks dignified, which is probably the best look for a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, as fierce isn't the most credible option.

In related news, I really want a UMBC lacrosse jersey, and not just the lame (or lamé, if you prefer) one I already have. Now that they're produced by Under Armour, you'd think they'd be available for purchase in some form, but alas, it seems that is not to be.