All a Matter of Perspective

First of all, it's great to be able to spend a Saturday afternoon in front of lacrosse on ESPNU again. Right now, I'm watching Maryland at Georgetown. As the announce team for the previous Princeton-Hofstra game pointed out, this is now an ACC-Big East matchup. This brings one more dynamic into the "who to root for?" decision.

I'm a USF alum, so I'm inclined to lean to the Big East. But I follow the Terps to some degree. On the other hand, I enjoy rooting against the conference [sic] that is ACC lacrosse. But I'd love to see the Terps come riding high into their game against UMBC so they can lose to little brother for the fourth year in a row. So when it comes right down to it, I'm rooting for the Terps, for UMBC's sake. And while I'd like to see Big East lacrosse take off, I'll be rooting against them again tomorrow as the Dawgs take on the Scarlet Knights.

On the marching half of this blog, I'm going later this afternoon to my first WGI show. A friend and coworker of mine teaches a local guard, so I'm going to check them out, but I'll also get to see some of the percussion groups as well as the guard folks. 

I also just learned that Carolina Gold, a DCA (all-age) corps that used to be based in Rocky Mount, NC, has moved right here to Greensboro! It's actually a bit of a tease, since schedule-wise I still can't march (though if they stay here, I may try to see what can be done in the future) but it's nice to have a corps in town.