Surefire way to see us laughing in the Purple Rain

So Prince, Minnesota native and huge fan of the Vikings (and, obviously, all things purple) was so inspired by the Vikings' postseason success this year that he saw fit to write them a fight song. Like to hear it? Here it go:

Skol Vikings it is not. Reportedly, the Vikes love it, but I suspect a good deal of that is out of respect and deference to The Artist himself. I love Prince as much as the next guy (though not as much as Jamie Foxx) but let's be honest. It's garbage. If you kicked it up to 120bpm and put some horns behind it, it would probably suck a bit less, but, well, no.

My coworker Maggie had the best and most obvious solution for a Prince-penned Vikings theme song: Rewrite "Purple Rain" as "Purple Reign" and add some Vikings-specific lyrics. Voila.