Sports Watching 2.0

There's nothing like being at a live sporting event. But we're getting to the point where big screen high-def TVs are almost as good, especially when you can enjoy the action with friends. But in the Internet age, there's even quite a time to be had watching games alone.

Behold: Sports Watching 2.0. Recently, especially towards the end of this football season, I've watched games alone but not by myself. Inevitably, when watching games on TV, I'm also on Facebook. And as I update with general thoughts on the game, so do several of my friends and family members. Dialogue ensues through comments and statuses, and it's like you're watching the game with friends all over the country.

To that end, a question for those who read this. I've been toying with the idea of doing a blog-specific Twitter (in other words, a blog for 80 Minutes of Regulation, not for Curtis) where the random sports and marching thoughts that I currently post on Facebook could go, possibly to be cross-posted as well. What do you think? I've steered clear of Twitter thus far, but this seems to me to be a use I could get behind.


Brian said…
So would you link the 80 minutes of regulation twitter account to your Curtis facebook page or would you also create an 80 minutes of regulation facebook page to accompany this new found obsession?
Curtis said…
I'd probably link selective tweets to my personal Facebook. I don't know squat about Twitter at this point, but I do know that some of the people who do use both sometimes have things posted on Facebook "via selective tweet" or something to that effect. So ideally, I'd post some of my sports stuff in both places for maximum exposure/discussion.