Pasadena, Ohio

Apparently the state of Ohio has quite a few reasons to focus their sights on Pasadena this New Years Day.  Most everyone knows that Ohio State will be playing in the Rose Bowl on Friday for the first time in 13 years, and of course, with that, TBDBITL will be marching down Colorado Boulevard once again. But the Buckeyes won't be the only ones representing the Buckeye State. Also making the trip to Ohio are the Pickering High School Central Marching Tiger Band, making their fourth Tournament of Roses Parade performance; The Ohio University Marching 110; and the Ohio State School for the Blind.

The Ohio State School for the Blind actually works along with Ohio State's marching band; they even have a "Script Braille Ohio" patterned after Ohio State's Script Ohio. See below:

Perhaps the most curious of these selections is the Marching 110. Make no mistake, they are an amazing marching organization that I always enjoy watching. What's interesting is that as a school that plays in the FBS, upon signing up for a Rose Parade performance, they took the chance of setting themselves up for a scheduling conflict. While the MAC doesn't have any New Year's Day bowl tie ins, they very well could have landed themselves in the International Bowl, played on January 2, with a Battle of the Bands that takes place in Toronto just hours after they step off the street in Pasadena. As it stands, they made a trip to Detroit for the Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl on December 26, only to head to Pasadena less than a week later.

But there's something else at play here, and it's not just the title of hardest working band in the state of Ohio. While any marching organization would be foolish to turn down an invite to the Rose Parade, I'm sure somewhere in conscious or subconscious of the powers that be at Ohio was what this could mean as it related to Ohio State. Knowing Ohio alumni, former employees, and many other Ohioans, my understanding is that there's no love for the Buckeyes in Athens. Then, upon accepting the invitation, the folks at Ohio had to know one of two things--either: The 110 would take to the streets in Pasadena, giving them bragging rights, since Ohio State hasn't been there in 13 years; or, as has happened, Ohio State would win the Big Ten but not head to the national title game, leading to a 110/OSUMB showdown in the Rose Parade. It's a win-win if you're at OU. The rest of us win by getting to see these two among the usually outstanding lineup on New Year's Day.