Just like the real thing

I'm watching the Civil War and I'm rooting for the North... Oregon State, that is. I tend to like Oregon a bit--maybe a bit of Stockholm Syndrome from the whooping they handed us in the Sun Bowl--but this is all in the name of Politicking. Oregon State as the Pac-10 champs means that Cincy--who I want to see in the BCS title game--will have defeated a conference champion and Rose Bowl representative. It'll strengthen their resume, and while I don't think anything will propel them into the title game should Texas win the Big XII title game, it puts Cincy in the drivers seat should they falter, provided they can still take care of business against Pitt. Besides, should they go undefeated, beat a conference champ and still get snubbed, it gives the Bearcat faithful something to bitch about, and after all, isn't that what college football's all about?