I can feel it coming in the air tonight...

As if on cue, the temperature here in NC dropped a good 15 degrees this Monday. Gone was the oppressive heat that had plagued the south throughout most of the summer. It's been positively gorgeous these past few days, and the multi-day forecast tells me it's set to continue for the foreseeable future, though who knows if it'll go back up. The temperature drop could be caused by any number of things, and could mean any number of things, but to me, it only means one--football season is almost here.

I've got a pretty solid slate ahead of me for opening weekend. I may rise from bed at a decent hour on Saturday morning in anticipation of the season's inaugural College Gameday. I'll likely be inseparable from my 42" all day, watching my first full football season in high def. On Sunday, I get to work with another part of this season's desires--there's a Battle of the Bands going on in Winston-Salem as part of Aggie-Ram weekend. And Monday, it's back in front of the TV for Labor Day action, including several of USF's 2009 foes--Florida State and Miami, and conferencemates Cincinnati and Rutgers.

Speaking of College Gameday, reportedly Kenny Chesney has been called upon for the 2009 theme song, much to the dismay of the folks at EDSBS. Now full disclosure: I'm a little biased because Chesney is a fraternity brother of mine, but I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and reserve judgment until I actually hear the song. After all, I'm not in love with Big 'n' Rich, but their rendition isn't half bad. Besides, whatever you put in that slot will get automatic cool points for being a harbinger of college football.

It'll actually be several weeks until I get to see my Bulls in action. Our early season slate features two IAAs and recent callup Western Kentucky, so TV's not clamoring for them. That said, they're on ESPN360, but that's a tease, since that's not available from my cable/internet provider.

Likely before I get to lay eyes on the boys in green from Tampa, I'll be seeing my boys in green from Philly down in Charlotte to play the Panthers in week 1 of the NFL season. Me and my boy Ian are heading down there, and a few of my friends down in the QC may be coming by to tailgate with us as well.

Speaking of the tailgate, I feel the need to share this because some things just need to be shared. Today's weather brought me out somewhat unexpectedly to the grill. I grilled up a steak I had purchased yesterday from the New York Butcher Shop here in Greensboro. I'd like to think I'm pretty nice with the grill, but I give all the credit to the cut of meat itself. This was the kind of meal you have to tell people about. And I just did.


The Bull Gator said…
Looks like the Big & Rich intro stayed in and I have to say I'm glad. I'm not a huge fan of the song, but it's much more upbeat than the Kenny Chesney one they've been playing. Not that I don't like Chesney, he's one of the few country performers I listen too, but the song isn't "pump you up" enough for the Gameday intro. Okay at certain points. But not the intro.
Curtis said…
I'm fine with the Chesney song being used in the capacity that it was, going in to commercial breaks and what-not. Based on what I had been hearing, I thought it was going to be replacing Big & Rich, so after having heard it on Thursday night, I was not looking forward to that.