The Vick Pick

My beloved Philadelphia Eagles have signed Public Enemy #1, Michael Vick. I'll admit that until I heard tell of this, I don't think I had really examined my feelings towards Vick, what he did, or what I thought about the concept of him being reinstated. I had remained relatively uninvolved primarily because I was pretty certain that it wouldn't have any direct bearing on my team. Hell, I even joked with my friend the Cowboys fan that with his felony, he was a prime candidate for Dallas.

Now Vick's headed to Philly and I realize I had a NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) attitude towards Michael Vick. My overarching soft thoughts (Because again, I didn't think about it too particularly hard) were that his dog fighting was despicable, but now that he's done his time, he should be able to be employed by whatever suckers would hire him. How was I to know we'd be those suckers?

Beyond that, what exactly do we have in mind for him? I'm interested to know how McNabb feels about the continuous disrespect, if the plan is for him to be a QB. After all, we've drafted a QB and now signed another with McNabb at the helm--what kind of a vote of confidence is that?

Perhaps it's a good fit. The hard-nosed fans in Philly probably don't have too big a soft spot for dogs. Or if they do, the boos he draws from his recent actions will be indistinguishable from the ones they sling anyway.