In Living Color

Colleges across the country are getting in an uproar about Budweiser's Fan Cans. A new initiative by Bud Light, you can now get cans in one of 27 color combinations--one is sure to approximate your favorite team. Colleges tend to think that selling them in stores on or near campus--which, of course, is exactly where Budweiser wants them--will promote irresponsible drinking and give the false impression that the beer is somehow affiliated with the school.

Issues with schools notwithstanding, this idea is brilliant. Consider this: It's gameday. You're gearing up to head to the stadium and tailgate for the game. You're looking to pickup some cheap beer. Are you going to grab the Miller Lite, the Coors Light, or the Bud Light? Wait... the Bud Light cans are in your team's colors! You shout Go [Team], grab a case, and you're on your way. It's simple, visceral no-brainer. You're programmed. You're in game mode. And you're snatching up your teams colors.