Soccer Envy?

Over the past week or so, soccer has come across my consciousness in a few distinct ways.

Last Friday night, I made my way a few minutes up the road to see the Carolina Dynamo of the USL Premier Development League play their last regular season home game. I've been meaning to go for several years now, and since moving last summer, their home stadium is right up the road from us. It was a good time, in that minor-league, family-friendly way. I'd definitely go again.

Then, leading up to yesterday, I started seeing several of my friends in Baltimore talking soccer all of a sudden. Come to find out that AC Milan and Chelsea are playing a game in M&T Bank Stadium.

And a strange thing happened--I was a little jealous. Maybe it's the lack of major sports playing at this time of year, or perhaps it's the magnitude of the game that was taking place, but I was thinking how much I would have loved to have been there. I happened to turn on the last few minutes of that game in ESPN and sure enough, the home of the Ravens was rockin'. I think the idea of soccer intrigues me most when I consider watching it with people who love it--it's contagious!