Media Time Out: Part II-Podcasts

In addition to the sports/marching media I read, there's a good deal that I listen to as well. Interestingly enough, despite my love for music, I spend my commute on most days listening not to tunes on my iPod, but instead the latest podcasts, at least of those that update regularly. Here's some of what I take in--if you're intrigued, they can each be found at iTunes:

AP Top 25 Poll Podcast: This is the actual podcast from the AP that gets updated each week of the college football season with the new poll. It's always nice to get the rankings straight from them.

Drum Corps International Field Pass: All the latest DCI news, including insight on shows and hot topics of the year, hosted by DCI's own Dan Potter. It comes out each weekday in season, and I usually listen to it on my morning commute.

ESPN's Pardon the Interruption: One of my favorite shows on ESPN, I don't always catch it day of. Luckily, when I miss it, I can always give it a listen via the podcast.

ESPNU College Basketball Podcast: The latest in college basketball news in season.

ESPNU College Football Podcast: While this is indispensable during the season, it's just as great every two weeks during the off-season. Ivan Maisel and Beano Cook are veritable fonts of knowledge, and while their expertise is college football, they make it quite clear that they just know a lot in general.

The 5th Quarter Podcast: This is the podcast from The 5th Quarter forums, dedicated to HBCU marching bands.

Inside Lacrosse Podcast: I'm actually subscribed to both the audio and video versions of this podcast. I keep up with it primarily for college lacrosse, though it's great to see what the have to see on international competition and the pros as well. Like Ivan and Beano, these guys know their stuff beyond just their sport.

Lacrosse Highlights Podcast: This one is affiliated with CSTV and the NCAA itself, so in addition to lacrosse news, it includes news on all of the winter and spring sports that are in season as well.

LaxPower Run and Gun: This one's a little less formal than the other lacrosse, but also keeps updated more outside of the college lacrosse season, so they've really be the go-to on the of-season coaching carousel.

Vic Firth Marching Percussion Video Podcast: While it's not often that I watch video podcasts, it's great to have lot performances, percussion ensembles and the like at my disposal if I want a quick band dork fix.