Media Time Out: Part I-Blogs

While I may fancy myself a writer of sports and marching, I spend a good deal more time being a reader on both subjects. Here's some of the media I take in:

  • America Least - Obviously a play on words of America East, UMBC's athletic conference, this blog focuses on all things basketball in the AE.
  • The Bull Gator - The author of this blog attended both UF and USF, and while the coverage is certainly heavier on the Gator side, it's worth reading both for the Bulls tidbits and because it's well-written in general.
  • The Bulletin: USF Sports - Greg Auman is a journalist with the St. Pete Times and the official Bulls beatwriter. He's certainly the go-to person if you want the scoop on USF happenings.
  • Tailgating Ideas - Keeps me up on some of the latest on one of my favorite pastimes, tailgating. It serves the dual role of also allowing me to live vicariously, as my tailgates are few and far between these days.
  • East Coast Bias - I stumbled across this one on the Yardbarker network and have been following it ever since. Not only do I have such a bias myself, but these guys are from Maryland, which means a good deal of their writing hits close to my once and future home.
  • Every Day Should Be Saturday - The title alone should have college football fans nodding in agreement. This one covers college football, and does a damn good job of it.
  • Fan Foodie - I don't remember exactly how I stumbled across this one, but sports AND food? Sign me up!
  • Girls Don't Know Sports - The name is obviously tongue-in-cheek, because this girl--woman, actually--knows her sports quite well, and she's another Maryland-based sports fan.
  • Katie the Female Sports Fan - speaking of women who can hold their own in a sports bar (or a bar fight, for that matter) my friend Katie, who has been blogging for a good deal longer than I have. I wish she updated more, but every time she does, it's good stuff.
  • The Mid-Majority - a basketball blog that deals with all of those "mid-major" conferences and the teams in them scraping for likely their sole bid to the Big Dance each year.
  • Saturday Night Lights - this was probably one of the first marching blogs I ever came across. They talk both corps and marching band, though it's been a bit since the last update.
  • Sports on the Yard - My boy Chris, Del State alum and fellow Delawarean, is a blogger, but he's also a bona fide sports journalist. In SOTY, he write HBCU sports.
  • UMBC Basketball's Rally Monkey Blog - Neil is a friend and former resident of mine from my days as an RA at UMBC. I'd like to think I've got a little to do with his rabid UMBC fandom, but regardless, he knows his stuff and serves as a great link back to the ol' alma mater.
  • UMBC Sports Blog - Likewise, this blog, which I think I found linked from Neil's, keeps me connected to what's going on athletically at UMBC.
  • The UMBC Dawg Blog - What can I say? I love my alma mater. This one focuses on athletics alumni.
  • Uni Watch - "The obsessive study of athletics aesthetics", this blog always has interesting tidbits related to all sorts of sports uniforms.
  • Bleacher Report: Contributor Caleb Patterson - My fraternity brother Caleb is just getting his start, writing UNC football.
  • View from the Sidelines - An affiliate of HBCU bandhead site, The 5th Quarter. Like the 5th, this one covers HBCU marching bands.
  • DCI Scores - I added this to the blogroll after discovering the portion of the site that interests me more: Their rankings.
  • Tailgate Lot - I stumbled across this one courtesy of Tailgating Ideas. A little more to feed the tailgating beast.
I hope this gave you a bit more to read--these are all blogs I enjoy reading. Up next for the media time out: Podcasts