The Best of the Rest

It's summer time, which means that Kornheiser and Wilbon go on vacation quite a bit. While it sometimes puts a cramp on one of my favorite TV shows, I've come to live with--and even enjoy--some of the B-teamers.

One of my personal favorites, though it would seem he'd never believe it, is Dan LeBatard. Despite all his self-deprecating, I enjoy him as a host. I think he's got personality and typically brings a good deal to the show. And when he's in for Kornheiser, I think he and Wilbon have a great chemistry.

As odd as it seems considering the recent turn he's taken, LeBatard and Whitlock used to be my favorite B-team. But obviously he's no longer with the network (and no longer a journalist I enjoy) and me new favorite matchup is LeBatard and J.A. Adande. I've always enjoyed J.A. on Around the Horn, so it's good to see him in the next time slot as well.