Being a good host

UNCG, where I work, hosts "America's Most Popular" summer music camp each year; the first session is going on now with another taking place next week. The game room in our student union, which I oversee, is a popular destination for the campers, who are primarily high school students.

Because the game room typically serves as a sports and recreation destination, we've got a subscription to ESPN the magazine and probably have about a year's worth of issues around the room for patrons to peruse. Since the music campers will be renting the room tonight for their end-of-session evening activity, I thought I'd cater directly to the crowd--I grabbed my back issuees of Halftime Magazine and a few rogue copies of DCI Today I had laying around, and they will join they fray today.

Here's hoping they enjoy the additional reading material. Even better, maybe some will grab the subscription cards and become Halftime's newest subscribers--it's well worth it!