All-Star Dawgs

So on the night of MLB's All-Star game, it's almost false advertising to make an all-star mention and not mean that game. But quiet as its kept, Major League Lacrosse's All-Star game will be taking place this coming Thursday at INVESCO Field at Mile-High Stadium. It'll be on a bit late--10pm--for us east coasters, but I expect to give it a look anyway.

For the nth time (where n = pretty much as many years as each has been in the league) a pair of UMBC alums, Brendan Mundorf '06 and Drew Westervelt '07 will be taking the field. Despite having been teammates at UMBC and currently with the Denver Outlaws, the two will line up on opposite sides of the field for the All-Star game, with Mundorf donning and Old School jersey and Westervelt suiting up for the Young Guns.

Halftime will feature the Bud Light Skills Competition, in which both Dawgs will compete as well. Mundorf will compete in the Fastest Shot competition, and Westervelt will compete in the Freestyle competition, lacrosse's answer to the NBA's Slam Dunk competition.

For my money, I'd love to see the skills competition, which also features a two point shot competition, take place on a different night and take on the (relative) stature that MLB's Home Run Derby and NBA's All-Star Saturday Night enjoy. Not only would it make for a bigger event, but it certainly can't bode well for the second half to have your stars forego their chance to get some rest during halftime. Still, I'm ready to see my fellow Retrievers and the rest of the MLL put on a show this Thursday night!

With tonight's festivities, however, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that another Retriever is being honored at the MLB All-Star Game. Each of the teams of Major League Baseball is honoring All-Stars Among us, who are individuals who have excelled in service. Being honored by the New York Yankees (but we won't hold that against them) is Michael Pesci, who plays on UMBC's baseball team. Pesci founded the non-profit Perfect Pitch, which raises money for mentally and physically disabled young people.