Zombie Nation

Zombie Nation, in recent years, has etched its place in the coffers of great sports songs. Nowadays, you're as likely to see fans whipped into a frenzy by it as We Will Rock You or Rock and Roll Pt. II. But none of these should be a substitute for the fight song, at least not on the collegiate level.

So why, then, would Syracuse not bring at least a pep band to the national championship game in one of the most important sports your school fields? I'm watching Cornell play Syracuse in the men's lacrosse national championship game. After each Cornell score, we've heard Cornell's pep band play the fight song (which sounds oddly like "Give My Regards to Broadway"). After each Syracuse score? Zombie Nation over the loudspeaker.

I've ranted about this same sort of thing before, but in this case, it's the national championship game. Several of these players will be headed to the pros after this season, where they'll get plenty of canned music. Why not let them end their college career to the sweet sounds of their own athletic bands?