It's one of those times of year that makes a transition in focus for me. As far as the bulk of my attention, I have four major sports seasons a year: (college) football season, (college) basketball season, (college) lacrosse season, and drum corps season. With the final four on this coming Memorial Day weekend, lacrosse is coming to a close, and unfortunately there's several weeks between that end and opening weekend for DCI. Luckily the NBA and NHL playoffs, which have each been pretty exciting up to this point, will tide me over.

The increased awareness of DCI has been due to a few things. Admittedly, one is UMBC's first round exit from the NCAA lacrosse tournament, so while I'm still following that, it's not with nearly the same fervor. The Countdown also helped whet my appetite, as has the fact that the DCI Field Pass podcast has come back for its preseason. I'm already making plans to attend a few shows and I'm toying with the idea of getting the Fan Network to keep me updated. Normally I wouldn't be too keen on paying for content, but there's just so much content and opportunity with fan network, my new laptop, paired with my big screen TV, could make for some prime viewing, and obviously, I can't catch it anywhere else except for a live show. Personally, I think DCI needs a regular TV deal, but I've talked about that already.

But I'm not ready to be done with lacrosse quite yet. Final Four's this weekend and the field looks... well, pretty much like it often has. Cornell, Duke, UVA, and Syracuse have each been in the final four at least once in that last two seasons of play, all but Cornell have advanced to the title game in that span, and UVA and Syracuse hold two of the last three and five of the last seven championships.

I realize I said not long ago I wouldn't mind too terribly if Duke won the national championship. While that may still be true, they are the team I'm rooting for the least ofthe teams remaining. While a Cornell win wouldn't change the landscape of the seven teams who have one all of the NCAA Division I national championships, they at least aren't one of the four who have won each one since 1992. Following them, I'd root for Syracuse out of Big East camaraderie. And although it'd be more of the same, I'd still rather UVA take it than Duke. Old habits die hard, I guess.


Pinwiz said…
Get the Fan Network. For the price of tickets/souvies/travel to a show, you get to watch all the regionals. It's a mandatory purchase for me, since there's no shows in the area after the 4th (and it's the only change I have to see Troop before Finals week).