To Form a More Perfect Union

We've known for some time now that 2010 would see a Philadelphia franchise added to the Major League Soccer palette. The team is now one step closer to being tangible: Philadelphia MLS is now the Philadelphia Union. Philadelphia's newest football team has unveiled its name and logo. While my mind first went to labor unions for the blue-collar city, it actually refers to the union that would become the United States of America. Their logo is pretty sharp, in a true soccer style with nods to colonial America and its once capital, Philadelphia.

I'm excited for the team for several reasons. One is because I'm a Philly sports fan and any addition is welcome. I'm a geek for new stadiums, so this is another one I get to check out. But what's more, this "Philadelphia" team is actually located in Chester, which by my statriotic measures, makes them as much a Delaware team as a Philadelphia team. I know being in Delaware County on the Delaware River doesn't exactly count, but the new stadium is roughly equidistant from my childhood home in Wilmington and the rest of the Philly stadiums and arenas on Broad St. What's more, it's only about 15 minutes up the road from where my parents now live in Claymont. So while I'm not a huge soccer fan, I'm excited for this team, which may win the hearts not only of the City of Brotherly Love, but of the First State as well.