Surfing in the Shallow End

DCI corps Jersey Surf is making the move this summer from Open Class to World Class. But I learned something on the Field Pass today that I didn't realize: They are still maintaining a Open-Class-esque schedule of touring only on the weekends and primarily regionally, allowing members to be home during the week. As such, they'll be at major regionals such as Murfreesboro, Atlanta, and Allentown, but they'll miss San Antonio.

What's even more interesting is the fact that despite the change in division, it's been stated that they'll maintain an essentially identical rehearsal schedule to last year's Open Class schedule. Will the same regimen that led them to excellence in in Open Class lead to success at the World Class level?


Anonymous said…
Having been in a drum corps, part of drum corps management and a drum corps parent, I think Surf's approach is very realistic given the current economic realities. While Surf has always had a similar schedule, it just so happens that their approach has inadvertently anticipated the shift in economics. While Surf may have to prove their approach will put them "in the ball park" for World Class - I certainly hope that they will get credit where credit is due. Watching this unfold will be exciting.
Curtis said…
I'm excited for them, both because I've enjoyed what I've seen them do in Open Class and I'm a mid-Atlantic native and a shameless homer. I agree it's a very realistic approach in the current climate and will probably bode well for them economically instead of taking a significant plunge upon making the move to World Class that could potentially hurt the organization financially.