How many chances do you get?

I've ranted before about the trouble with MASN. The reader's digest version is: MASN is the only station that carries O's and Nats games. Most of NC (including my part) is O's and Nats' territory. We don't get MASN. This, combined with blackouts, means there's no way to watch either team.

Well, MASN's attempted to take Time Warner cable to task for this. Time Warner lost. Three times. And they are still trying to continue to appeal, further delaying what all previous levels would lead me to believe is inevitable. I remember being excited back in October or so, thinking we'd have MASN in time for basketball season. Then came January, where I figured surely we'd have it in time for lacrosse. Now baseball's season's back around and guess what? Still no MASN.

I had vitriol prepared for Time Warner because of the broadband metering bull they tried to pull. They since have called off the dogs on that one, but don't think I've forgotten about MASN, Time Waner.