Gut Check Time

I watched (and by "watched" I mean "kept an eye on game tracker updates) the UMBC-Binghamton game tonight... talk about cardiac canines. We pulled it off after two overtimes, but the Bearcats were close to freeing up a good deal of the coming weekends for me. As the cards continue to fall, chances at an at-large bid get slimmer and slimmer--Villanova just beat Hofstra to guarantee the CAA will be a 2-bid league.

I just watched Chapman vs. Michigan--which I just learned is a reairing--in club lacrosse. After I got over the fact that it was club lacrosse (admittedly, I've got a strong bias towards NCAA DI) and that they had the ESPNU 3rd string in on the game (though Kyle Harrison brought something to the booth), it was enjoyable and something I otherwise wouldn't have caught.