Hard Hat Zone

So perhaps it's my birthright as a USF alum to have an opinion on helmets (you can find several threads on The Bullspen that will support this claim) but I felt compelled to sound off on UMBC's lacrosse lids. This was brought on by the fact that I've never seen us in black helmets before. I'm still not sure how exactly I feel about them, but I do know that they certainly fall behind our gold lids.

Back when the choices I knew about were between our golds and the white helmet, The gold was my favorite--in our home whites, the white on white with black shorts is a little too monochromatic, which I think is the same way I feel about the black helmets. That said, I could see either as a change-of-pace helmet, like the white helmet USF football unveiled at the bowl game this past year, or being used in a white-out or black out situation (with white shorts or black jerseys, respectively.)

We now interrupt this episode of Project Runway to bring you your regularly scheduled sports/marching post...