Delaware doesn't have a sales tax, but it does have a cover charge

And may someday soon also have sports betting. As a First State representative, I'm slightly ashamed that I didn't hear of this until yesterday (via ESPN) when it's been cooking for some time, but in my defense, I haven't paid taxes or regularly taken in news from Delaware for a number of years now.

Delaware governor Jack Markell is introducing a proposal to legalize sports betting, adding it to horse racing and slots that already exist in the First State. In the eyes of the state government, it's more or less an elaborate bake sale, aimed at closing the $700 million deficit (roughly $!K per citizen, for those keeping track at home) the state currently has.

Honestly, I don't have too strong of an opinion on it. I realize that gambling can be addictive, so there is that concern for the citizenry. But as Markell pointed out, "you can't be half-pregnant," noting that Delaware already supports horse and slots gambling. If it'll help bolster my home state, then so be it. And if I can put a few bucks on a game when I'm home, so much the better.