Case of the X

In a game that very well may have been lost at the faceoff X, UMBC lost at home to Johns Hopkins after going 7-26 in faceoffs. the 14-11 loss puts the Dawgs at 0-7 all-time vs. the Jays. I'm not entirely sure whether I should be dejected at the loss or encouraged that despite the horrible showing at the X, the game was as close as it was.

In my last post, I mentioned the murderer's row that was this week vs. Hopkins and Princeton. Clearly that was me being shortsighted--in the next couple weeks we face the above, followed by at the #6 Terps and at home vs. #17 Ohio State. Remember what I said about the good teams not losing twice in a row? Hopefully we make it out of this week proving we are that good team.