Ruck Futgers

So my UMBC Retrievers men's lacrosse team takes on the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers tomorrow. I've declared this Ruck Futgers week.

This is not an uncommon sentiment for me.

I believe I've spoken before about how USF doesn't have a true archrival, but there are a few schools, particularly in conference, that really get under my skin. Rutgers is one of them. Losing to them in football the past couple years (especially two years ago with the "illegal forward propulsion" and all the other shit that tok place in that game), their recruiting billboards down in Florida, and most recently, them stealing the FIU game from us, forcing us to pick up a second FCS team to round out our schedule certainly add to these feelings. So when I say Ruck Futgers, I say it from the heart.

As for UMBC lacrosse, this is the second flip game from last year's 0-2 start. We started the season with losses to UD and Rutgers, and we beat UD in Newark last year. Let's keep it up against Rutgers at home this Saturday!