Pepsi Max

So I don't know who's heard the commercials for Pepsi Max, but essentially, the product positions itself as diet soda for MEN! Because clearly, via their marketing, diet soda is for females and girly men. But REAL MEN drink Pepsi MAX!

Now here's where it gets funny. I don't know if this is simply a local promotion, or if the folks at Pepsi's marketing package included "pair this with a local sporting event for MAXimum manliness!!" Here in Greensboro, they paired it with a giveaway of tickets to an upcoming major sporting event. So as a tag to the commercial, you learn that by buying your Pepsi Max at x convenience store, you can win tickets to the ACC Women's Basketball Tournament!

Women's basketball: NOT the preferred sport of your target audience.


Hi, I'm doing a project on Pepsi Max and was just curious if you saw other ways in which the drink was promoted around you?
Curtis said…
That one commercial was the only local promotion I can recall; I've also seen the national television ads.