Obligatory Super Bowl Post

I suppose if I fancy myself a sports blogger, I really ought to say a little something about the Super Bowl. Just a few thoughts:

-As I mentioned before, I'm unenthusiastically pulling for the Steelers. I mentioned several reasons before, but I'll add a couple: Tomlin may be the first black head coach to win a Super Bowl in a game in which a black coach winning wasn't already a foregone conclusion, and I've been rooting against an old guy from Arizona since before November, so why stop now?

-Home of the Bulls. And rumor has it that Coach Leavitt is down there behind the Steelers bench in a green jacket. Speaking of which, the Steelers have been using USF facilities all week.

-I believe that if you pay 3 mil for an ad spot, you should not be showing me a commercial that I've seen before. I demand to be entertained!