The Nationals--back in Canada?

No, I'm not talking about the team formerly known as the Montreal Expos. Rather, the Major League Lacrosse team formerly known as the Rochester Rattlers has moved across the border to become the Toronto Nationals. Their logo is pretty cool (definitely more so than other recently relocated teams) and combines imagery from the flags of Canada and the Iriquois.

The MLL also contracted their league by 4 teams, making a tough decision that will hopefully keep them viable through these tough financial times. Selfishly, I was still hoping for a team to move down here to NC, but that may still be an option for the future.

In college news, UMBC defeated Rutgers, 17-10, to completely flip last year's 0-2 start by beating UD and Rutgers. Save for Rutgers, all of the other teams who will soon make up Big East lacrosse were victorious in their matchups, most notable Georgetown over #3 Maryland on national television.

Speaking of Maryland, Gary Williams sure knows how to pull off a win right when they're calling for his head. Beating the Heels--that'll shut 'em up... for a minute.