I'm looking forward to...

A sports and sports-related events I'm looking forward to in the coming months:

-National Signing Day. Don't have to wait too long, because it's tomorrow (maybe even today, depending on when I get this posted). USF's looking to have a promising day.
-UNCG vs. Davidson in men's basketball at the Greensboro Coliseum. Win or lose, it should be a helluva party.
-This coming lacrosse season. I'm feeling good about what's to come for the Dawgs.
-UMBC on ESPNUs BracketBusters. We'll be traveling to Rider in NJ. I was looking at the teams and hoping that we'd end up somewhere I could easily travel to (a few host schools were in NC and nearby SC and VA) but hopefully I'll at least get to see the Dawgs on TV.
-March Madness. Hell Yeah. And I'll back this up a bit to include conference tourneys. USF'll be making their first appearance in the Big East Tournament (no, they didn't suddenly improve, the league just decided to start inviting all 16 teams). I'll probably catch some ACC women's hoops action here in Greensboro as well.
-Spring games. USF's, obviously, but really just the constant reminder that yes, Virginia, there is football. Eventually. It'd be particularly cool if they'd show Ohio State's double header: OSU lax vs. Notre Dame, followed by their spring game.

And finally, one I hope to take in that otherwise would not have been on the radar: USF's club lacrosse team is doing a stint up here in NC where they'll play NC State, Wake Forest, and ECU. ECU's a bit out of reach, but Wake and State are doable. I've never had any particular reason to follow USF lax, but I love USF, and I love lacrosse, so why not? Besides, from what I've seen, their helmets are better than our football team's.


Anonymous said…
Sorry, Curtis. We're at Rider, but it's right by your house. You should make the trip up.