Maybe it's the college sports fan in me, but I'm always intrigued by the Final Four, even in pro sports. This year, the NFL's final four has a few teams that are near and dear to me and another that could make for an interesting story line.

First of all, my ideal Super Bowl would be Ravens vs. Eagles. If you know me, this is a no-brainer. My team (The Eagles) takes on my #2 team (from my numerous ties to Baltimore), helmed by a quarterback from Delaware, in Raymond James Stadium, home of the USF Bulls. It's got everything. Never mind the fact that it would alienate me from my fiancee's entire family. This one might as well be the Delaware bowl. Two teams within roughly an hour's drive of where I grew up, one being Delaware (at least Northern Delaware)'s team, the other being helmed by a UD grad. It's The Battle for I-95 (yeah, I know that's what they call Eagles-Giants). Crabcakes vs. Cheesesteaks.

Similarly intriguing is the battle for the Keystone State: Philly vs. Pittsburgh. Years ago when this looked like a possibility, PA governor (and former Philly mayor) already made it clear which side of the state he was pulling for. This would certainly split the state in two.

The matchups involving Arizona aren't as intriguing to me, and if it came down to it, I'd grit my teeth and root for the Steelers over the Cards because a) they will have beaten my Eagles and b) EAST COAST WHAT!

Speaking of the east coast, admittedly, I know very little about the Cards because, well, I don't care. I know Kurt Warner's having an MVP year at the ancient age of 37, and that Matt Leinhart frequents hot tubs, but that's about it. What I do know about the teams from the east, however, is that any of those matchups will be a defensive showcase. The Steelers, Ravens, and Eagles all have SICK defenses this year. They say offense sells tickets and defense wins championships, but when you play defense like these guys do, it puts butts in seats as well.