Excellence Lives Here

It dawned on me recently that I've had the opportunity to live in areas that are either the most talented, most passionate, or field the best teams in each of my three favorite college sports. I went to undergrad in Maryland, which steers the lacrosse world. From there, it was on to the great state of Florida. In addition to the success of the major football programs there, you'll find that any successful roster east of the Mississippi is full of kids from FL. I now reside in North Carolina, where college basketball is a religion and two of the gods wear rival shades of blue. On top of geography, one of my alma maters plays [sic] basketball in the Big East, easily one of the top basketball conferences, along with the ACC, which is headquartered right here in Greensboro.

In other sports news, there have been some good and bad occurrences in the past few days. At the top of the good news, George Selvie, 2-time All-American defensive end, will be returning to USF for his final season instead of leaving for the NFL. He'll get to test his mettle against two of the state's big three next year--we continue our series with Miami and FSU has just been added to USF's 2009 schedule!

UMBC recently released the 2009 lacrosse schedule, which at this point I already knew. In off-season obsession, I had pieced most of it together by checking the schedules of potential opponents whenever they announced, and the InsideLacrosse Faceoff Yearbook confirmed what I had and filled in the holes. On the unfortunate side, however, all-American defenseman Bobby Atwell will be out for the season with a torn ACL.

In the grander scheme of thing, I've stopped wasting the talent of my HDTV and finally gotten the HD cable box. I'll be watching tonight's national championship game in high definition!