BCS Games: Not Just for Football Anymore

So I've posed this question to the college football community on LJ the past few years, and thought I'd get it some burn over here (if anyone's paying attention):

What BCS Bowl game marching band matchup are you most looking forward to?
Rose Bowl: Penn State's Blue Band vs. USC's Spirit of Troy
Orange Bowl: Cincinnati's Bearcat Band vs. VT's Marching Virginians
Sugar Bowl: Alabama's Million Dollar Band vs. Utah's Marching Utes
Fiesta Bowl: Ohio State's The Best Damn Band in the Land vs. Texas' Longhorn Band
National Championship: Florida's Fighting Gator Band vs. Oklahoma's Pride of Oklahoma

Among those who have taken it so far, the Orange Bowl matchup seems to be the least desirable, not unlike the football game.

In related news, I must once again leap to the defense of the BCS. I was listening to the AP College Football podcast, as I often do, and one of the hosts went on at length about how the "boring" matchup between Cincy and VT and why the BCS was to blame. Sorry, wrong again. Are there more exciting matchups? Certainly. But consider that the BCS exists for the purpose of pairing the #1 and #2 teams with one another to determine a national champion. Then, why is the BCS to blame for matching Cincy and VT? Following the 1/2 pairing, what teams go to which bowls (barring tie-ins), INCLUDING BCS bowls, is at the discretion of the bowls, often with input from conferences and other bowls. Plus, the alternative to the BCS is a playoff. With the exception of a plus-one model, all of the playoff proposals that people kick around include at LEAST the champions of all six BCS conferences. Want to know who that would include? Big East champion Cincinnati and ACC champion Virginia Tech. You could quite possibly end up with this same "boring" matchup in a playoff!