Quotable Quotes-Cowboys Style

A conversation in which I was involved yesterday:

Calvin: I mean really. Who fights in bathrooms?
Curtis: Prisoners.

This took place shortly after hearing the news that Adam "Don't call me Pac Man" Jones got into an altercation with a team-assigned bodyguard yesterday prior to a meeting with league commissioner Roger Goodell. Knowing he's already on thin ice, this doesn't bode well for the Cowboys defensive back. But wait. I'm an outsider here, and admittedly, one with an anti-Cowboys bias. Let's see what someone closer tot he situation can discern?

It's not that big a deal. -Tank Johnson

So there you have i--wait, what? You asked Tank? Asking Tank about a player in trouble is like asking Marion Barry about drugs and their influence on the inner-city. At this point the Dallas Cowboys, who historically love their troublemakers, have said that they won't levy any consequences on Jones. The league itself has yet to chime in. I say send him home--I hear there's a talented young corner from South Florida who could use some more playing time.