Fall Ball

In the NCAA's 2 big revenue sports (3 if you count women's hoops), fans get a glimpse of their team well before the season begins--many basketball programs hold Midnight Madness when practice is allowed to begin a month or so before the season, and football programs put on a spring game to get our mouths watering before school lets out for summer. With lacrosse's fall ball heating up, I got to thinking: Why not put some preview hype on it? I understand there are relatively few schools where lax is one of the major players (my alma mater is one of them) but since they're playing it anyway, no reason why you couldn't hold a skills exhibition (like some Midnight Madnesses), a scrimmage (like other Midnight Madnesses and spring football games) or even an honest-to-goodness game against another team, hype it up as you would the others, and get the fans drooling over lacrosse well before the season starts.