Logo Fail

So it's no secret at this point to most who follow sports that the Team Formerly Known As The Seattle Supersonics is now the Oklahoma City Thunder. Not only did it leak weeks before it was announced, but it's been public for some time now as well. Not too long ago, I went the the website of the team, thinking I could check out if they had picked their colors or logo or uniforms or anything of the sort yet. I see this: I think, ok, the NBA assigned a temporary logo until they get one made. Cool. I read on:

"The team's primary color will be the same sky-blue shade that appears on the state flag... The red-orange trim is meant to reflect the Oklahoma sunset; yellow represents the sun."

Wait. 'dahell? Are you telling me this thing is on purpose?! I could make that logo with word art and clip art of a basketball. I can understand and respect the fact that "thunder" is not something you can draw, but seriously? You couldn't come up with something better than that? I mean, in a thunderstorm, the sky darkens. You don't see blue skies, yellow sun, or a red-orange (which, I'll admit, was cleverly picked so as not to be distinctly Sooner red or Cowboy orange) sunset. Give us something dark and ominous. Draw some lightning (I know it's not thunder, but I hear they're BFF). Something that's not a basketball in a shield with some word art going on.