Just Let Your Soul Glo...

So as is absolutely no surprise to anyone who reads this, I'm a Philly sports fan. As such, I'm pleased, essentially in a reflexive manner, that the Soul are headed to Arena Bowl XXII.

Now, do I follow arena football? Not a lick. Do I even watch arena football? I may pause for a few minutes on my way to something else. But will i be riding hard with the Soul on their way to the championship? YOU'RE GOT DAMN RIGHT.

And I sense--no, I KNOW--that I'm not alone. Such is in the DNA of a Philly Sports Fan. While primary allegiances are likely to any or all of the 4 major sports, if it's stamped Philly, it becomes something into which to pour your heart and, as it were, soul. It makes just some guy into a diehard Phantoms fan. It makes Joe Average a Barrage aficionado. (both of the previous have multiple championships in their respective sports, I'm required to mention) Hell, it turned some of us into rabid supporter of Smarty Jones, before he too fell shy of the glory as we've watched so many do before and since. It doesn't matter--sheer love of the city (or in of our cases, the Delaware Valley as a whole) puts these teams near and dear to the heart.

So give 'em hell, Soul. Warm up the championship parade route for October. And February. And June. And... ah, hell, you get it. And if you don't, you never will.