DCI needs a TV deal

Thesis: DCI's Summer Music Games should be regularly televised, preferably on a college sports network.

Disclaimer: While I'm a band dork to the gills, I am not now, nor have I ever been or do I ever plan to be, in the camp that believes that marching band or drum corps are sports. True enough, I post marching content on a sports site but that's because I talk about both in my blog. And the fact is, several sports networks (I'm looking in your direction, worldwide leader) play non-sports content on a regular basis. That said, some facts to support my statement:

-With the addition of Fan Network, DCI and its member corps are used to providing content throughout the summer and broadcasting entire shows.
-College sports channels, by their very nature, are starved for new content throughout the summer months.
-72% of DCI corps members are full-time college students (so says DCI)

Seem like a natural pairing to anyone else? Because it sure does to me.