Instruments down? HA!

Band--it's not just for football anymore.

Once upon a time, the only time you'd catch a band at an athletic contest was the marching band at football games. For a decent amount of time, that has expanded to pep bands at (typically men's) basketball games. More recently, women's hoops has also become a priority--smaller bands pull double duty while larger bands divide their resources so as to cover the busy winter sports season.

Nowadays, what was once a Fall activity is becoming more year round than ever. In the college ranks, in addition to those mentioned above, bands in some form are increasingly making appearances in college hockey (several were present at the Frozen Four a few weeks ago) and lacrosse, and in the past few weekends, several bands have cranked back up some semblance of their Fall form for spring games. So nowadays, when you show up in summer to report for band camp, don't be surprised if they've got you until the following band camps!