Reason to Watch the Pro Bowl

While football is my favorite sport, I readily admit that the Pro Bowl is the lamest of hte major league all-star games. Instead of the tried-and-true midseason format, the NFL opts for the end of the season, after fans have already watched the biggest game a week prior and accepted the reality that there will be no more football for over half a year. The skills competitions can't hold a candle to MLB's homerun derby or even a recently dimished NBA slam dunk contest. Add to that the fact that instead of rotating sites like the other all-star games, the Pro Bowl is always in
Aloha Stadium in Hawaii--making it pretty much out of reach to the average football fan--and the NFL All-Star Game is less like the last glimmering hope of football and more like watching talented millionaires get paid to take vacation.

This year, at least we know someone will hop on a plane to bring the noise. The Niner Noise, that is. The San Francisco 49ers drumline--one of a handful of drumlines and other musical organizations in the NFL--will be on hand to perform at the Pro Bowl and its related festivities. Niner Noise is a production of BDEntertainment, the production arm of the DCI World champion Blue Devils of Concord, CA. Niner Noise has been doing their thing for a few seasons now, and BDE, like its associated Blue Devils, is no stranger to the spotlight either; this'll be stop #3 on their all-star rounds, having already performed at the MLB and NBA All-Star Games, not to mention NASCAR's Monte Carlo 400. I'm pleased to see that the NFL, and many others, see the value of bringing the group in to the Pro Bowl festivities. Maybe I'll sit a spell on the Pro Bowl before moving on to hoops this weekend.