Of DCI and Stadiums

(Originally posted in both the Halftime Magazine community and MyESPN, 12/9/2007)

Drum Corps International's Summer Music Games will be BACK in Orlando, FL this coming year. This is the DCI show I used to attend when living in Tampa; however, over my three years in Tampa, Orlando hosted the World Championships, then a major, 2-day event, adn then a lackluster also-ran in the SMG before dropping out of the tour completely for the next two seasons. DCI released their major events for 2008 just recently, and Orlando was on it, meaning presumably not only that it's back, but it's back with a vengeance, given its inclusion on the major event calendar. This is awesome for drum corps fans in Central FL, as there hasn't been a show at all in FL in the two years the Orlando show has been absent.
However, the kicker? DCI lists the stadium as TBA. It's been held in the Citrus Bowl in years past, so that says to me that UCF may be a thought with their brand new stadium. Interesting...