Intro and Housekeeping

I think the description of this blog sums up its reason quite nicely. I am a sports fan. I am a band dork. I don't think in any way that it's unique to be both; I do however think it's not often that you find the two spoken of in the same breath. I intend to be at least a portion of that voice. In many ways, I believe being a band member is what made me a sports fan, so I expect the band portion may dominate, but to me, the beauty is in the pairing of the two.

The housekeeping. I currently maintain a blog on MyESPN (ctarver81, if you're interested) that is both marching and sports, and one on the Halftime Magazine community (LittleDrummrBoy) that is primarily marching. As such, my first few posts here will be migrating relevant posts from these two, hopefully in some semblance of chronological order. I intend to continue to maintain both of those, but this blog here will be the clearinghouse.

At any rate, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy!