In case you missed it...

This past weekend the NBA played their All-Star game. One thing that stood out to me was the uniforms:

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As you can see both on Lebron and his defender from the Western conference, each of the all-star uniforms were constructed such that they had a completely different appearance from the front than they did from the back. Blue/white for the East, and white/gold for the West.

Since my mind tends to run relatively few tracks, my first thought was: Was their uni designer the same one who did The Cadets c. 2005's "The Zone"?

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For those who can't see it well and/or can't remember that show, The Cadets had a uniform that from the front appeared like their standard uniform used over the past 70-some-odd years, and from the back appeared as the front side of a similar but slightly different uniform. It would seem the NBA sought to go the same route. I hope the players practiced in game jerseys, because it might have confused me--especially with both teams having white as one of their sides!