Cool Hand Luke

(originally posted in both the Halftime Magazine community and MyESPN, 11/11/2007)

Outside of the Indianapolis metro area and of course Colts fans, I may be among those most excited about the progress on Lucas Oil Stadium. i've been checking regularly, reading updates, and keeping general tabs on what's been going on in Indy. Of course, all of this excitement is because of the 2008 DCI World Championships, for which I have already purchased my "Fantastic 5" tickets, insuring that I will be in the place both for the occurence of history in the opening of Lucas Oil Stadium, and, of course, the World Championships. It's about 9 months away, but I can't wait!

The caveat? I really dislike the Indianapolis Colts, as a former Baltimore dweller. What would cap the entire experience is if I can somehow get my hands on a Baltimore Colts Marching Band shirt.

Editor's note: Since first writing this post, I did indeed get a Baltimore Colts Marching Band T-shirt (via photoshop and cafepress) and I will be wearing it proudly at opening day in Indy!